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AKA Wins Suit to Extend Comment Period

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August 13th, 2021  AMERICAN KRATOM ASSOCIATION SUBMITS OVER 50,000 COMMENTS TO THE FDA;WINS TO EXTEND THE PUBLIC COMMENT DEADLINE CONTINUES On August 9th the American Kratom Association (AKA) submitted over 50,000 comments to the FDA from kratom supporters opposing an international ban on kratom. This unprecedented level of public outcry comes after the news broke…

Thailand Removes Kratom From Banned List

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Thailand on Tuesday decriminalised kratom, a tropical leaf long used as a herbal remedy but which some health regulators around the world have criticised as potentially unsafe. Kratom—scientific name Mitragyna speciosa—is part of the coffee family, used for centuries in Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea for its pain-relieving and mildly stimulating effects. It has…

8 Benefits of Kratom

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12 Tips for the Kratom Lifestyle

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There is kratom use, then there is what’s called the Kratom Lifestyle. Taking kratom once in a while, when pain flares up, or at times of anxiety, or you feel your mood needs elevation, this is characteristic of the Occassional Kratom User. Some people, however, have chronic pain, constant anxiety, or other conditions that are…

Webinar on the Path Forward Against International Ban

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FDA disregards the will of Congress and disrespects American public in comment process for World Health Organization The American Kratom Association (AKA) today released the following statement regarding the end of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) comment period on a potential international ban by the World Health Organization (WHO) on kratom, an herbal supplement…

A Sensible, Evidence-Based Proposal for Kratom Reform

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By Dustin Marlan In May 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the seizure of 37,500 tons of adulterated kratom in Florida, worth an estimated $1.3 million. But rather than focusing on the fact that the seized substance was adulterated, FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock emphasized the alleged toxicity of kratom. This telling choice falls in line with…

In Response to the FDA Disinformation Campaign on Kratom

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After numerous misleading news reports on Kratom, the official response from the American Kratom Association has been posted. As the news company stated… A recent television news report in South Dakota shows how pervasive the FDA’s War on Kratom really is and the importance of setting the record straight. Get the report here…

Survey of Adult Kratom Users in the U.S.

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Kratom By The Numbers

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